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No Big Deal: A Guide to Recovery from Addictions

A Guide to Recovery from Addictions
by Dr Robert Lefever (Foreword), John Coats (Author)
Drug addiction, alcoholism, anorexia, bulimia, compulsive overeating, compulsive gambling, sex-addiction, compulsive overspending, smoking, compulsive overworking, compulsive risk-taking, compulsive helping and compulsive controlling are here discussed as among the many different manifestations of addictive disease. These behaviours share the characteristics of being excessive, of being mood-altering and of having increasingly negative consequences in the lives of those who are enslaved to them. The damage caused by addictive disease usually extends to parents, partners, children, spouses, friends, relatives and colleagues.
This book traces out, in a clear and practical way, the thoroughly tested Twelve Step path to recovery and freedom from addiction. The book is informed and enriched by the author's own life and work. John Coats was in active addiction to alcohol, cocaine and other addictive processes for nearly twenty-five years. He has been in recovery for more than fourteen years and is an Addictions Counsellor. He trained under Dr Robert Lefever at The Promis Recovery Centre, in Kent, and subsequently joined The Diana, Princess of Wales, Treatment Centre, in Norfolk - first as a counsellor, and later as Counselling Team Leader. John now divides his time between counselling at the "Princess Di", his private practice and writing.
Price: £7.99