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Cancer Support Groups: Guide for Facilitators

Cancer Support Groups
by Joan F. Hermann (Author)
Cancer Support Groups: A Guide for Facilitators" provides comprehensive guidance and instruction for both professionals and laypersons interested in forming and facilitating support groups for cancer survivors and their loved ones. "Cancer Support Groups" explores the value and characteristics of support and self-help groups, describes in detail how to lead or facilitate successful meetings, and offers tips for organizing specialized cancer support groups, such as those for people affected by specific types or stages of cancer, those for people of particular ethnic backgrounds, or those for people of a certain age.
Special sections include: how to facilitate telephone and online groups, as well as instructions and instruments for evaluating these groups; helpful resources for facilitators, including print and electronic information and reference materials; and contact information for organizations providing services and support for cancer survivors and their caregivers and families. This information is designed to increase the knowledge and effectiveness of cancer support group facilitators
Price: £11.95