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Bristol Crisis Service for Women

Organisation name
Bristol Crisis Service for Women
The Bristol Crisis Service for Women is a national charity that offers support to women and girls, with a particular focus on self-injury, (often called self-harm). We provide support through their confidential helpline, text and email services.

We provide training to people working with those who self-injure. We run one-day workshops for individuals and also provide in-house offer training to organisations. This training can be tailored to the specific needs of particular organisations.
Street address
P O Box 654
BS99 1XH
Main Phone No
0117 9279600
Helpline Number
0117 925119
Helpline: Hours of operation
Friday and Saturday nights, 9pm-12.30am, Sundays 6pm-9pm
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Details of support network
see webisite
Does the organisation provide free publications or leaflets?
Details of publications and leaflets
We have a range of leaflets, booklets and research on the issues surrounding self-injury, including information for young people who self-injure, people with learning disabilities, a training pack and good practice guidelines for people working with those who self-injure. We have information about self-injury in a number of languages and formats.

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