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Self Help UK

Self Help Groups

  • British False Memory Society

    Formed in 1993 to raise awareness of dangers of 'recovered memory therapy' which was giving rise to an epidemic of decades-delayed, uncorroborated allegations of childhood sexual abuse by adults against parents. Comprehensive archive on damage to patients and families as a result of false...
  • Bully Online

    Bully OnLine contains hundreds of pages of insight and information on bullying, including news of campaigns and initiatives, effects of bullying on health, legal issues and case law, and practical advice for tackling bullying.
  • Childhood Connections

    Help for adults who were abused as children.
  • CHILDREN 1st

    For over 120 years CHILDREN 1st, formerly the Royal Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Children, has been working to give every child in Scotland a safe and secure childhood. Today, CHILDREN 1st: Supports families under stress Protects children from harm and neglect Helps children...
  • Children Are Unbeatable! Alliance

    Children Are Unbeatable! Alliance was launched as a national campaign in 1998 and wants to achieve its aim through education, research and legal reform. Children Are Unbeatable! Alliance's education programme seeks to help parents and other carers find positive, non-violent ways of raising...
  • CIS'ters (Childhood Incest Survivors) surviving rape and/or sexual abuse during childhood

    Survivor Network for females 18+ who were raped and/or sexually abused and/or sexually exploited as female children/teens, by a member of their immediate or extended family
  • Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority

    The Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority (CICA) is responsible for administering the Criminal Injuries Compensation Scheme throughout England, Scotland and Wales. They pay compensation to eligible applicants who have been the victim of a violent crime. There are 25 levels of compensation...
  • Crisis Recovery Unit

    The Crisis Recovery Unit is a national unit for individuals who repeatedly harm themselves and engage in difficult relationships. The unit aims to help individuals to seek alternatives to self harming, to gain a greater understanding of the meaning that self harm has for them and to tolerate...
  • Cult Information Centre

    The CIC is an educational charity. It is concerned about the use of deceptive and manipulative methods used by cults to recruit and indoctrinate unsuspecting members of society. It believes that these cult methods present a threat to the well-being of the individual and their family. The CIC's main...
  • DABS - Directory and Book Service

    DABS is an independent organisation which provides the following: A confidential mail-order service for books on sexual abuse, childhood abuse and related issues. Telephone information service. DABS National Resource Directory - which is updated quarterly and lists over 500 services in...