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Self Help UK

Self Help Groups

  • Safe Haven Hostels

    We are a small group that can offer free overnight or short term accommodation to any ladies who for what ever reason are facing homelessness or without accommodation. We can also provide a person with shelter from a violent partner.
  • Save the Children Fund

    We are leaders in transforming attitudes toward children and on some issues we have completely changed what is accepted as the norm for children in the world today.
  • Scottish Women's Aid

    Information, support and refuge for abused women and their children via a network of 37 local groups throughout Scotland.
  • Self Help Instantly

    Run by Patrick O'Leary,(Advice is FREE but donations are welcome) a sufferer of childhood abuse whose common sense, non religious realisation enabled him to break free of the pain of his past and be the happy husband and father that he is today.
  • SupportLine

    Telephone helpline providing emotional support to children, young people and adults. Also keep database of counsellors and agencies throughout UK.
  • Survivors Swindon

    Survivors Swindon provide a unique experience, with weekly group therapy sessions, run by male Survivors for male Survivors, in which to overcome the traumas of your abusive past, and live your life.
  • The Jill Baker NHS Watch

    Group support for elderly patients who have experienced "ageism" practices in the NHS
  • The Phoenix Support Network

    An online resource centre for domestic abuse survivors. A place where you get unconditional support and encouragement to move your life forward.
  • Trichotillomania Support Online

    Trichotillomania Support is a Non-Profit Organisation for people with trichotillomania (as well as their families, teachers, health care professionals and researchers). Our pledge is the provision of a safe zone where people can confide, learn and recover. Missions: Offer support and...
  • Voice UK

    We run monthly self help groups in Stockport. Please contact us for details of when the next one is being held. Promoting justice for vulnerable victims of crime we are a national charity supporting people with learning disabilities and other vulnerable people who have experienced crime or...