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Additives Survivors' Network (UK)

Organisation name
Additives Survivors' Network (UK)
The Additives Survivors' Network UK (ASNUK) was established in March 2000 to reach out to individuals who have suffered, or still suffer health problems, that may have been caused or exacerbated by additives.

ASNUK also works closely with health professionals and other support groups, particularly the Hyperactive Children's Support Group. More needs to be done by the government to set up monitoring systems; eventually on a nation-wide basis. Where there is reasonable suspicion that an additive is implicated in adverse health reactions, products containing it should at least be labelled with a warning.

Their objectives are to:

Raise public awareness so that the issues of food safety and labelling are thoroughly debated.
Support and advise members, enquirers and health professionals as appropriate.
Call on the government / Food Standards Agency to initiate a comprehensive data gathering exercise.
Liaise with UK consumer interest groups in order to further our objectives.
Street address
63 Downlands Road
SN10 5EF
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