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Self Help UK

Self Help Groups

  • Action Against Allergy

    Providing information across the whole spectrum of allergy-related illness, to patients, their carers and health professionals. Maintain a database of nation-wide allergy treatment resources and specialists
  • Additives Survivors' Network (UK)

    The Additives Survivors' Network UK (ASNUK) was established in March 2000 to reach out to individuals who have suffered, or still suffer health problems, that may have been caused or exacerbated by additives. ASNUK also works closely with health professionals and other support groups,...
  • Allergy and Allergies Agency

    Allergy and Allergies Agency website provides web-based information on allergy diagnosis and treatment. The objectives are to "provide accurate and unbiased allergy treatment information". The website contains a wide spectrum of allergy related information with links to other websites and allergy...
  • Allergy UK

    Allergy UK is the country's leading national medical charity dealing with allergy and we are here to help you. We can provide you with up to date information on all aspects of allergy, food intolerance and chemical sensitivity. If you think that you may have an allergy or an intolerance we can...
  • Allergymatters

    Allergymatters:Unique one stop learning centre with top advices on allergies and shop providing products to manage the allergy sufferers daily life.
  • Anaphlyaxis Campaign

    Support and guidance for people living with potentially fatal allergies. Raising awareness of potentially fatal food allergies in the food industry and treatment by the medical profession.
  • Aspergillus Trust

    The Aspergillus Trust aims to raise awareness of diseases caused by the fungus aspergillus. These are mainly respiratory diseases including allergic broncho-pulmonary aspergillosis (ABPA) which is linked strongly to asthma, allergic fungal sinusitis, chronic necrotizing pulmonary aspergillosis,...
  • Asthma UK

    Asthma UK is the charity dedicated to improving the health and well-being of the 5.2 million people in the UK whose lives are affected by asthma
  • Children With Allergies Support Group

    Non-Medical advice and support for families of children living with allergies. We have put together a website to share the valuable information and lessons learnt that we have shared in our group, including starting school, parties, talking about feelings, and recipes to cook. We welcome queries...
  • Erythema Nodosum Support Group

    The purpose of this online Support Group is to create the space where people who have been diagnosed with erythema nodosum (EN) can share information regarding their experiences in their quest for treatments and cures.