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Barrett's Oesophagus Foundation

Organisation name
Barrett's Oesophagus Foundation
Founded as a charity in 1999, the Barrett's Oesophagus Foundation is the only national charity dedicated to the prevention of cancer from Barrett's oesophagus and the support of people living with the disease. The Foundation is well supported by distinguished members of the medical community.

They aim:

To expand and support long term the United Kingdom Barrett's Oesophagus Registry (UKBOR). The Register is contributed to by clinicians nationally to enable doctors and other scientists to obtain a more complete understanding of the condition known as `Barrett's oesophagus'.
To provide a support and education service to sufferers from Barrett's oesophagus and its complications and their relatives.
To support studies within the field of Barrett's oesophagus relating principally to influencing the incidence of adenocarcinoma of the oesophagus and upper part of the stomach and their prevention.
Make publicly available the results of any specific and educational activity initiated or supported by the charity.
As their understanding of Barrett's oesophagus improves it is hoped that they will be able to prevent adenocarcinoma of the oesophagus.
Street address
University Department of Surgery
Royal Free Campus
Royal Free & University College Medical School
Rowland Hill Street
Main Phone No
020 7472 6223
020 7472 6224
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