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Self Help UK

Self Help Groups

  • Marc's Line (Melanoma And Related Cancers of the Skin)

    Resource centre and helpline. Education about skin cancer
  • Marie Curie Cancer Care

    the cancer care charity, provides practical hands-on nursing care at home and specialist multi-disciplinary care through its 11 Marie Curie Centres
  • Medic+Aid UK Trust

    A new Community Trust developing a £5 Million fund to purchase life saving drugs for NHS patients. There are some drugs that are unavailable to a small but significant number of people who are trapped in a well documented NHS dilemma that government is currently reviewing. Within this number...
  • Melanoma Action & Support Scotland, A Skin Cancer Charity

    We support people diagnosed with melanoma and their families and carers . We campaign for prevention and improved services. We provide sun protection at open air events. One a small number of people are involved but we aim to meet patients one to one as much as is practical. We provide a listening...
  • Melanoma Action & Support Scotland

    If you have been diagnosed with melanoma, join the club. We have too! All of us react differently to such information. We are here to try to help, we remember how we felt. Some of us did not want to voice our fears to family or friends. It can be good to have another person to talk to, someone who...
  • Mesothelioma UK

    Mesothelioma UK provides impartial up-to-date information for patients diagnosed with mesothelioma and their carers. The Centre supports the development of specialist nursing practice which promotes the highest possible standards of care and aims to improve the outcome for patients with...
  • Mick Knighton Mesothelioma Research Fund

    The Mick Knighton Mesothelioma Research Fund provides information and support to sufferers and their families while raising vital funds for research into the disease through the British Lung Foundation. The Research Fund aims to: Raise awareness of the disease Encourage and fund crucial...
  • Mouth Cancer Foundation

    The Mouth Cancer Foundation was established in June 2004 to be a professional support organization solely dedicated to supporting people with mouth, throat and other head & neck cancer face the crisis of cancer. It gained charitable status (registered charity No. 1109298) in May 2005. The Mouth...
  • Myeloma UK

    Myeloma UK is the only organisation in the UK dealing exclusively with myeloma and its related disorders. Our broad and innovative range of services cover every aspect of myeloma from providing information and support to improving standards of treatment and care, through research, education,...
  • National Cancer Alliance

    Alliance of patients, health professionals, relatives and friends working for improvements in cancer services throughout the UK.