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Diabetes Research & Wellness Foundation

Organisation name
Diabetes Research & Wellness Foundation
In July 1998, the Diabetes Research & Wellness Foundation (DRWF) was established in the United Kingdom as a registered charity by people with a personal interest in diabetes. DRWF has two distinct aims: to finance vital research into diabetes and to support people with diabetes through the Diabetes Wellness Network.

DRWF is active in funding research but is also working to improve the health and lifestyle of those living with the condition. The charity's theme, "Staying well until a cure is found," states the fundamental principle behind the support system, the Diabetes Wellness Network. Network members are given access to professional medical advice from specialists working in diabetes healthcare through the Diabetes Wellness Newsletter. This monthly newsletter contains news of recent advancements in treatment and offers practical advice on all aspects of life with diabetes, encouraging self-management, and helping readers improve their blood glucose control. DRWF also produce a range of diabetes information leaflets which are distributed free of charge, and have access to a number of diabetes health care related publications at discounted rates, which can be ordered through their website.

Members of the Diabetes Wellness Network also receive quarterly "Good Health" pocket diaries which enable them to keep a record of their blood glucose readings, weight, daily diet and appointments. These diaries include useful tables of data on different foods, giving details, for example, of calories, fat and carbohydrate content. DRWF also sends diabetes-awareness jewellery to anyone with diabetes who requests it as part of an outreach programme. No charge is made for the jewellery, as the charity would like as many people as possible to carry identification in case of emergency.

The DRWF also organises Diabetes Wellness Workshops and Retreats to give diabetes sufferers an opportunity to learn more about their condition, whilst relaxing and enjoying the company of others sharing the same concerns. At these events attention is focused on the practical aspects of living with diabetes and the keys to healthy living, and are facilitated by diabetes and other health care professionals..

For more information on any aspect of the Foundation's activities please contact the above address or visit the website, where you can subscribe online or request a general information pack.

Street address
Office 101 - 102
Northney Marina
Hayling Island
PO11 0NH
Web Addresswww.drwf.org.uk
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