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Independent Dyslexia Consultants

Organisation name
Independent Dyslexia Consultants
Runs the Adult Dyslexia Center which aims to help adult dyslexics achieve their full potential, and younger dyslexics to become successful adults. The development of appropriate skills is essential to success. Tutors at the Centre have a wide experience of working with dyslexic people and can help them develop the following:

Basic and higher literacy skills.
Organisation and life skills.
An awareness of individual learning styles.
Learning and study skills.
Examination techniques.
Memory techniques and strategies.
Numeracy skills.
Personal development.
Stress management.
Workplace skills.
Each person who attends the centre will be given an individual programme, which meets their specific needs. The staff are also willing to visit colleges and schools to discuss relevant issues.

The Centre is a non profit making company and has charitable status but fees are charged for assessment, tuition and training.
Street address
1-7 Woburn Walk

Greater London
Main Phone No
020 7388 8744
020 7387 7062
Helpline: Hours of operation
Best time to telephone: 9am - 5pm, Monday - Friday
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