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Self Help UK

Self Help Groups

  • Adult Dyslexia and Skills Development Centre

    We aim to enable dyslexic people (both children and adults) to become more successful. Dyslexia is often addressed only in terms of study and literacy skills. We take a more holistic, lifespan approach to dyslexia and view it as much more than an educational matter – dyslexia impacts on both...
  • Arts Dyslexia Trust

    The Arts Dyslexia Trust is a charity with the following aims: To draw attention to the high creative potential of the many visually-dominant dyslexic minds. To help to bridge the gulf of misunderstanding that often exists between those who think most easily in words and those who those who...
  • British Dyslexia Association

    BDA offers advice, helpline, publications for parents, teachers and other adults. Lobbies for improvement in education and support for the dyslexic community. Encourages research.
  • Dyslexia 2000 Network

    Offers advice, assessments, counselling, magazine discussion and support.
  • Dyslexia Action

    National network of 26 centres offering advice, teaching and assessment.
  • Helen Arkell Dyslexia Centre

    Assessment, tuition and other services. Teacher/training school support. Bursaries.
  • Hesley Group

    The Hesley Group is an independent organisation providing residential care, education, vocational training and therapeutic services for people with complex behaviours, severe learning difficulties, autism or Asperger Syndrome and similar conditions. Their mission is to enhance the lives of the...
  • Independent Dyslexia Consultants

    Runs the Adult Dyslexia Center which aims to help adult dyslexics achieve their full potential, and younger dyslexics to become successful adults. The development of appropriate skills is essential to success. Tutors at the Centre have a wide experience of working with dyslexic people and can help...
  • Linkage Community Trust

    Linkage Community Trust is a registered charity which provides high quality education, care and employment services to enable people with learning difficulties and other disabilities to realise their full potential. Linkage provides services for over 300 learning disabled people from all over the...
  • Mark College

    Mark College is a school for boys and girls aged 10-19 years who have specific learning difficulties (dyslexia).