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AgeCare is the working name of one of Britain's oldest medical charities, the Royal Surgical Aid Society. Founded in 1862 as the Royal Surgical Aid Society it spent the next 90 years providing people who could not afford to buy them with 1,929,2l0 surgical aids - artificial limbs, trusses, ear trumpets, leg irons and boots. When the National Health Service took over this work, the Society decided to set up homes for older people who fall outside the age and income range provided for by local authority homes. Today it runs the following four residential and nursing homes in various parts of the country.

The Bradbury Centre - a modern nursing home at Shepperton, Middlesex which includes a specialised Alzheimer unit.
Gloucester House at Sevenoaks, a purpose built nursing home.
Dorset House near Droitwich, Worcestershire, a residential care home.
High Broom at Crowborough, Sussex, a residential care home.
Since the mid-1980s the Society has added to its objectives the encouragement of higher standards of care for older people through research into caring procedures and staff training, through international symposia addressed by leading experts, and through competitions to identify examples of excellence in fields relating to the care of older people
Street address
47 Great Russell Street
Main Phone No
020 7637 4577
020 7323 6878
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