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Assist UK

Organisation name
Assist UK
Assist UK is the headquarters of an independent voluntary organisation with a network of Disabled Living Centres throughout the UK. Centres offer a range of products and equipment designed to make life easier for people who have difficulty with such daily activities such as bending, reaching, getting in and out of chairs, bathing and personal care. Centres are for anyone who needs help to stay independent. Advice and information is also available to carers and professionals in the field. The following services are offered.

DLCs offer people opportunities to see and try out a wide range of products to find those that suit their individual need.[
DLCs provide unbiased expert advice and information about what is available, how much it costs and where to get it.
DLCs specialise in a wide range of products from complex disability equipment through to those designed to help with everyday activities.
DLCs offer solutions to practical difficulties in daily living, whether they arise from ageing or disability.
The range of products and equipment available at local DLCs covers the following areas: children's equipment, clothing and footwear, continence management, communication, eating and drinking, hoists and lifting, household, mobility, personal care, seating, and sleeping.

Contact Assist UK as above for the address and telephone number of your nearest Disabled Living Centre.
Street address
Redbank House
4 St Chad's Street
M8 8QA
Main Phone No
0870 770 2866 or (Minicom): 0870 770 5813
0870 770 2867
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