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Organisation name
ERIC is a national charity to provide information and support on bedwetting, day time wetting and soiling to children, parents, young people and professionals. ERIC's aims are as follows:

To reduce the stigma associated with childhood continence problems.
To help professionals improve their assessment and treatment skills.
To widen general understanding of the causes of enuresis (bedwetting), and to increase the effectiveness of treatment.
To increase the understanding of children, their parents and young adults about this problem, explaining what they can try themselves and where they can go for professional help.
ERIC operates a national helpline service and holds details of local enuresis clinics.

ERIC has a range of literature for children, parents and professionals including a 'Guide for Parents on Bedwetting'. ERIC also sells a range of bedding protection and enuresis alarms. Visit the ERIC website for further details.
Street address
34 Old School House
Britannia Road

BS15 8DB
Web Addresswww.eric.org.uk
Main Phone No
0117 960 3060
0117 960 0401
Helpline Number
0845 370 8008
Helpline: Hours of operation
10am - 4pm, Monday - Friday
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