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Bladder and Bowel Foundation (B&BF)

Organisation name
Bladder and Bowel Foundation (B&BF)
The Bladder and Bowel Foundation (B&BF) is the UK’s largest charity providing information and support for people living with bladder and bowel control problems. The organisation is run by patients, carers and healthcare professionals who are committed to raising public and professional awareness and understanding of these common but seldom discussed conditions.
UK charity for people with bladder and bowel control problems
B&BF works with researchers to improve treatments and design innovative products for bladder and bowel disorders and speaks on behalf of those affected and those close to them in order to influence policy makers and service providers in both the private and public sectors. The charity believes all patients should get effective modern help, which will enable them to enjoy a greater quality of life.
Street address
SATRA Innovation Park, Rockingham Road
NN16 9JH
Main Phone No
01536 533255
Helpline Number
0845 345 0165
Helpline: Hours of operation
Helpline offering confidential advice and support from specialist continence nurses and physiotherapist
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