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Self Help UK

Self Help Groups

  • Adrenal Hyperplasia Network

    The Adrenal Hyperplasia Network UK was set up to provide support for people of all ages with Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia (CAH), particularly adults and teenagers. They have contact with international support groups in Sweden, Australia, USA, New Zealand, France, Finland, Holland. In the UK...
  • British Kidney Patient Association

  • Children's Kidney Trust

    Supporting renal respite and hospice care for children with kidney disease, who require dialysis or are awaiting a transplant
  • James Whale Fund for Kidney Cancer

    The James Whale Fund for Kidney Cancer is a specialist kidney cancer charity. It helps reduce the harm caused by kidney cancer by increasing knowledge and awareness, providing patient information and by supporting research into the causes, prevention and treatment of the disease.
  • Kidney Alliance

    The Kidney Alliance was formed jointly by the Renal Association and the National Kidney Federation in 1998 with the support of the British Renal Society. The aim was to bring together patients' voices and professionals committed to renal medicine. Its mission is to promote high quality treatment...
  • Kidney Patient Guide

    The Kidney Patient Guide provides web-based patient information for kidney failure patients, their families, health professionals and others interested in kidney disease. The site includes information not only on physical aspects of kidney failure - how the kidneys function, what happens when they...
  • Kidney Research UK

    Kidney disease is not, as commonly thought, a disease that affects only the elderly - it can happen at any age. Treatment options include a transplant - for which there is a waiting list or a life on dialysis, a life sustaining treatment - but which can severely restrict daily life. Founded in...
  • National Kidney Federation

    to promote the welfare of persons suffering from kidney disease or renal failure, and relatives or friends who care for them
  • National Kidney Patients' Helpline

    Helpline run by kidney patients to provide information & advice to kidney patients, carers, medical profession & general public.
  • S.O.L.O. Save Our Living Organs

    Self-help group for kidney conditions.