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The Migraine Trust

Organisation name
The Migraine Trust
The Migraine Trust seeks to empower, inform, and support those affected by migraine while educating health professionals and actively funding and disseminating research.

The Migraine Trust offers an Information and Enquiry Service for enquiries about migraine, other headaches and their management.

All our information is derived from evidence-based sources. Please note that we cannot give individual medical advice or diagnosis, which can only safely be provided by your own health professionals.

The Migraine Trust runs informative events each year around the UK for those affected by migraine. We also offer courses for health professionals who would like a better understanding of the condition and how to manage it.

Our work is funded entirely by voluntary donations.
Street address
55-56 Russell Square
Main Phone No
020 7436 1336
020 7436 2880
Helpline Number
020 7462 6601
Helpline: Hours of operation
Monday - Friday 10.00 - 17.00
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Does the organisation provide free publications or leaflets?
Details of publications and leaflets
The Migraine Trust has a number of fact sheets on various issues related to migraine as well as a pack on managing migraine in the workplace and packs for children and teens with migraine. These are available to download free from our website.
Does the organisation publish a newsletter?
Details of newsletter
Regular supporters of The Migraine Trust receive our journal, Migraine News, three times per year. To receive Migraine News please enquire about becoming a regular supporter to support our work.

Does the organisation fund research?

Does the organisation fund research?
Details of research
The Migraine Trust is the UK's health and medical research charity into migraine. The Migraine Trust funds and promotes research towards a greater understanding of migraine and its underlying mechanisms. The goals of research include improved management and treatment, but the ultimate aim is for a cure.