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Self Help Groups

  • Arthritis and Musculoskeletal Alliance

    ARMA - The Arthritis and Musculoskeletal Alliance - is the UK umbrella association bringing together support groups, professional bodies and research organisations in the field of arthritis and other musculoskeletal conditions. ARMA aims to: Raise awareness of the need for high quality...
  • Centre for Fatigue Syndrome

  • Chartered Society of Physiotherapy

    The Chartered Society of Physiotherapy is a professional organisation with the aim of supporting and promoting its members and their profession thus ensuring the best possible care is available to patients wherever they are. The Society's website includes information for the general public on what...
  • Duchenne Family Support Group

  • FibroAction

    Fibromyalgia Syndrome (Fibro or FM) affects at least 1-in-50 people or around 2 million people in the UK alone. Despite this, awareness of Fibromyalgia particularly in the UK remains very low. Many people with Fibro struggle to get diagnosed and lack access to effective treatments, despite there...
  • Fibromyalgia Association

    Offers counselling, information and support
  • Fibromyalgia Support Group

    Information and support for patients with this chronic condition causing widespread pain and fatigue, including booklets on how to cope. Fibromyalgia Support Group 5, Grisedale Place Morecambe Lancashire LA3 2EU Tel: 01524 859109
  • FSH (Muscular Dystrophy Support Group)

    As a support group partner of the Muscular Dystrophy Campaign, we are here to help improve the quality of life for those who have Facioscapulohumeral Muscular Dystrophy (FSH-MD) Their carer’s, family and friends.
  • ME Association

    Information and support for 240,000 people in the UK with ME (Myalgic Encephalopathy)/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, through publications, education and training. The association funds biomedical research into the nature and causes of ME/CFS in the hope that one day this will lead to a cure.
  • ME Support in the Midlands

    A self help group supporting sufferers and their families with ME/CFS