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AMNET - Acoustic Neuroma & Meningioma Network

Organisation name
AMNET - Acoustic Neuroma & Meningioma Network
AMNET was set up in 1996 and is an East Anglia information and support service for patients and their families and for anyone having had surgery or other treatment for these conditions at Addenbrooke's Hospital. Patients referred to Addenbrooke's following treatment elsewhere are welcome to contact AMNET as well as people now living in East Anglia who were treated for acoustic neuroma or meningioma elsewhere. (Patients from other areas will be put in touch with BANA, the British Acoustic Neuroma Association, to which AMNET is affiliated.)

AMNET is a self-help group offering mutual support to patients facing any of the variety of post-treatment problems frequently associated with these comparatively rare head tumours. The network runs a voluntary support link for new patients referred to it by the ENT or neurosurgery clinics at Addenbrooke's, a consultant or GP.

AMNET has also built up a comprehensive information library, holds regular group meetings at Addenbrooke's and provides informative talks by medical professionals. A quarterly newsletter, AMNET NEWS, is also published.

AMNET participates in research into a greater understanding of the range of possible post-treatment effects of these tumours, toward assisting the recovery process for patients and the alleviation of discomfort. They are keen to offer long term support to 'watch and wait' patients.

Street address
The Old School House
The Green

Old Buckenham
NR17 1RR
Main Phone No
01953 860692
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