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Food Standards Agency

Organisation name
Food Standards Agency
The Food Standards Agency was set up to protect people's health and the interests of consumers in relation to food. The Agency is committed to protecting the interests of consumers in matters relating to food safety and standards. Its role is as follows:

To protect customers by effective enforcement and monitoring of food safety and standards, in partnership with local authorities and through the work of the 'Meat Hygiene Service'.
To support customer choice through accurate and meaningful labelling.
To provide advice to the public and to government on food safety, nutrition and diet.
As an independent body, the Agency has the legal power to publish its advice. The Agency is a UK-wide, non-ministerial government department, operating at arm's length from ministers. The Agency is accountable to the UK parliament through health ministers and through their equivalents in the devolved administrations. The UK headquarters are in London with regional offices in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. Please contact the helpline number above for any questions on the Agency's work or for further information.

The website www.eatwell.gov.uk is the Food Standards Agency's consumer advice and information site. It is packed with relable and practical advice about health eating, understanding food lables and how what we eat can affect our health. The aim of the site is to help you make healthier choices, wehther you are choosing what to eat or shopping for food.

The website www.salt.gov.uk has been created by the Food Standards Agency to support its salt campaign. The aim of the campaign is to reduce the amount of salt eaten by people in the UK.

Street address
Aviation House
125 Kingsway

Greater London
Main Phone No
020 7276 8000; (to request booklets): 0845 606 0667;(admin): 020 7276 8829
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