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Weight Concern

Organisation name
Weight Concern
Weight Concern is a registered charity, set up in 1997 to tackle the rising problem of obesity.

The charity, which won the 'Best New Charity of the Year' award in 2002, works to address both the physical and psychological health needs of overweight people and to guide the development of more effective programmes of prevention and treatment.

Weight Concern has shown how psychologists, dieticians and exercise specialists working together can help people make the lifestyle changes they want, to control their weight.

The charity is committed to developing and researching new treatments for obesity. It is also working to increase the availability of the successful treatments it has pioneered in the UK:

Self-help programmes.
Self-help support groups.
Family based childhood obesity treatment.
Other activities include:

The advancement of public knowledge about the causes, consequences and treatment of weight problems.
The provision of education and training for health professionals, in the care of overweight patients.
Weight Concern receives grant funding to support its activities from the Department of Health.
Street address
Brook House
2-16 Torrington Place

Greater London
Main Phone No
0207 679 6636
0207 813 2848
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