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Self Help Groups

  • FibroAction

    Fibromyalgia Syndrome (Fibro or FM) affects at least 1-in-50 people or around 2 million people in the UK alone. Despite this, awareness of Fibromyalgia particularly in the UK remains very low. Many people with Fibro struggle to get diagnosed and lack access to effective treatments, despite there...
  • Fibromyalgia Support Northern Ireland

    Fibromyalgia Support Northern Ireland is a charity set up to provide information and assistance to those suffering from this chronic condition. The helpline is manned by volunteers who suffer from the condition. They provide membership facilities and hold awareness days. The quarterly newsletter,...
  • Pain Concern

    Pain Concern provide information and support to people with pain and those who care for and about them and aim to raise awareness about pain and improve the provision of pain management services. Their Airing Pain radio show is a series of audio podcasts featuring the experiences of those managing...
  • Pain Relief Foundation

  • Pain Support

    PainSupport provides self-help information, advice and support for those in pain.Confidential Contact Club. Discussion Forum. Self-help techniques for reducing/controlling pain. Regular lively Newsletter, Books, CDs and Downloads.
  • Pain Wise UK

    Group support and counselling for people with chronic pain. Relaxation/stress reduction strategies
  • Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy Group

    RSD UK is a voluntary non-profit making charity which was set up to give support to those concerned with Complex Regional Pain Syndrome, previously known as Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy & Causalgia; Complex Regional Pain Syndrome is often abbrevieated to CRPS type I or CRPS type II, and previously...
  • RSD UK

    To help those with Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy and Complex Regional Pain Syndrome types I and II.
  • Southampton Fibromyalgia Support

    Southampton Fibromyalgia Support aims to provide information about fibromyalgia through literature and group meetings. We also have a telephone helpline and work with Fibromyalgia Association UK.
  • The Pain Society

    An Alliance of Professionals Advancing the Understanding and Management of Pain for the Benefit of Patients.