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Androgen Insensitivity Syndrome (AIS) Support Group

Organisation name
Androgen Insensitivity Syndrome (AIS) Support Group
A self-help group providing information and support to AIS girls/women and to parents. Started in the UK in 1988 by the mother of an AIS infant, and formalised in 1993.

Comprehensive web site giving medical information about AIS, and details of the AIS Support Group and research studies that it sanctions, together with the personal stories of AIS women and transcripts of serious discussions between AIS women on issues of importance to them.
Street address
PO Box 269,
OX15 6YT
Main Phone No
01295 670140
01295 670140
Main Contact: Name
M. Simmonds
Is this a national or local organisation?
Is there a local support network?
Details of support network
No. One national UK group. Two group meetings per year (for subscribers only). Several overseas branches.
Does the organisation provide free publications or leaflets?
Details of publications and leaflets
Free factsheet, literature list/order form and subscription details (please send stamped SAE).
Does the organisation publish a newsletter?
Details of newsletter
Newsletter (ALIAS - Looking At AIS), three issues per year. Charge made for back issues, but current year's issue (and meeting details) sent free of charge to subscribers.
Does the organisation fund research?
Details of research
Not yet. Granted official UK charitable status (No. 1073297) in early 1999. Have not yet raised funds (rely solely on subscriptions) but we are collaborating with researchers doing AIS research.