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Action on Addiction

Organisation name
Action on Addiction
Action on Addiction is a registered charity, a founding member of the European Association for the Treatment of Addiction and aims to free people from addictions and its effect by providing interrelated services of the highest quality and effectiveness which have a clear and ethical basis and which meet the real needs of the client.

Action on Addiction offers the following services:
• Clouds House Residential Treatment - six-week intensive residential psychotherapeutic programme for men and women aged 18+ with detoxification where necessary;
• Family services (tel 01747 832015).
• Health promotion.
• Working recovery (tel 01202 399723).
• Continuing Care.
• Structured Day Treatment (SHARP) in Dorset, London and Liverpool.
• Pre-treatment project.
• Extended care facilities.
Action on Addiction accepts referrals from all agencies: GPs, companies, family members, voluntary organisations, probation service and individuals. Contact should be made with the admissions co-ordinator regarding application and funding arrangements. (Action on Addiction is not part of the NHS).

People from all walks of life, from all backgrounds and from any area are welcome to apply for treatment. The programme is not appropriate for those with other psychiatric, physical, language or behavioural problems severe enough to prevent them participating fully in the programme. An assessment interview is normally required prior to admission.

Full details on the treatment model and philosophy, guidance for referrers and a booklet answering prospective clients' questions on Clouds House or regarding any of Action on Addiction services is available from the address above.
Street address
Clouds House
East Knoyle

Main Phone No
01747 830733
01747 830783
Helpline: Hours of operation
9am - 5pm, Monday - Friday
Is there a local support network?
Not applicable