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Burton Addiction Centre

Organisation name
Burton Addiction Centre
The Burton Addiction Centre specialises in the rehabilitation of individuals experiencing chemical dependency. They offer a safe, structured and supportive environment using a holistic approach to rehabilitation, where clients can work towards gaining a more satisfying and healthful lifestyle without the need for chemicals.

Particular attention is given to the development of an individualised plan of care, addressing the wants and needs of each client.

The aims of Burton Addiction Centre are to:
• Provide quality education and rehabilitation of persons with alcohol and drug problems.
• Provide the opportunity for abstinence-based rehabilitation.
• Provide a safe and respectful setting.
• Assist the individual in developing a drug and alcohol free status.
• Help the individual become a productive and positive member of the community.
• Help family members to understand dependency and gain support for themselves.
Assist clients in creating healthier relationships within the family.
Street address
126 Station Street
DE14 1BG
Main Phone No
01283 537280
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