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Self Help UK

Self Help Groups

  • Foetal Alcohol Syndrome Aware UK

    A web-based support group. Their website has been designed to raise awareness, give informed choice, provide information and support for people affected by / interested in foetal alcohol syndrome
  • Four Seasons Health Care

    The Tunstall Unit is a specialist alcohol and drug detox and rehabilitation facility. Clients can access the 14 bedded detox Unit, or 20 bedded rehab facility separately, or through a combined programme of both detox and rehab. All clients are accommodated in individual ensuite rooms, and have...
  • Frenchay Rehabilitation Houses

    Frenchay Rehabilitation Houses aim to provide an environment where a person who chooses to remain free from all mood altering substances can engage in personal growth. The organisation has two houses in Weston-Super-Mare for alcohol and drug rehabilitation which are registered with CSCI. There are...
  • Gam-Anon UK and Ireland

    The self-help organisation Gam-Anon is a group for the spouse, family, or close friends of compulsive gamblers. The Gam-Anon group offers warmth, friendship, understanding and practical help to new members. There are no fees, voluntary contributions only. Gam-Anon's purposes are as follows: • To...
  • Gamblers' Anonymous

    Help for gamblers to stop gambling and rebuild their lives. Gam-Anon for families and young GA for 15-19 year olds. Runs 24-hour telephone advice service.
  • GASP

    GASP is an organisation which promotes a smoke-free environment. Its services are particularly applicable to organisations wishing to discourage smoking. Resources available include: posters, leaflets, books, carbon monoxide monitors and a consultancy service. The website includes further details...
  • Glasgow Gate

    personal development training in group setting for unemployed people and people who have experienced homelessness, addiction or exclusion
  • Healthier Weight Centre

    At the Healthier Weight Centre we take an approach to weight loss that is medically led and based upon the best available scientific evidence. In addition, our Medical Director is one of the UK's leading experts in weight management, giving you the reassurance that this is a highly regarded...
  • Hebron Trust

    Hebron Trust is a Christian charity providing residential treatment and care and post-rehabilitation support for women with serious drug and alcohol problems. Most women who go to the Trust are not practising Christians and there is no pressure to make any kind of religious commitment. The service...
  • Hebron Trust

    Hebron Trust is a Christian charity providing residential treatment and aftercare support for women with serious drug and alcohol problems. The service is client focussed, working towards abstinence, based on the importance of healthy relationships, including the 12 Steps in a small supportive...