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Self Help UK

Self Help Groups

  • Cytomegalovirus Support Group

  • Down's Syndrome Association

    Information, advice and support, telephone advice and group meetings about Down's syndrome.
  • Down's Syndrome Scotland

    Down's Syndrome Scotland works to improve the quality of life for everyone with Down's syndrome Define Down's syndrome . Our members include people with Down's syndrome, families and professionals. We provide information, support and advice.
  • FACS (National Fetal Anti-Convulsant Group)

  • Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Trust (FAST)

    The Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Trust's main aims and objectives are as follows. To support and inform families caring for a child with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome. To provide assistance to the carers and parents, to enable them to obtain the services and information to which they have a right. To...
  • Foetal Alcohol Syndrome Aware UK

    A web-based support group. Their website has been designed to raise awareness, give informed choice, provide information and support for people affected by / interested in foetal alcohol syndrome

    GEEPS is an international network of families and friends of children born with abdominal abnormalities. GEEPS is run by the families and friends of children affected with gastroschisis or exomphalos. The aim of GEEPS is to support families through the shock of diagnosis and beyond in the hope...
  • Goldenhar Family Support Group (UK)

    We are here first and foremost to provide information and support services for families who have children with Goldenhar Syndrome. We are here to gather and present information that families and health professionals can use to better understand the problems and to disseminate that information to...
  • Healing Foundation (The)

    The Healing Foundation is a national fundraising charity established to champion the cause of people living with disfigurement and visible loss of function by funding research into pioneering surgical and psychological healing techniques. Through research they also raise awareness about the cause...
  • Heartbeat Northern Ireland

    Heartbeat is a parent support group for families of children who have heart disease. In excess of 300 babies are born here each year in Norther Ireland with a heart disorder. One third of these children are sufficiently ill to require investigation and/or surgery. Heartbeat is made up of...