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Self Help UK

Self Help Groups

  • The Portia Campaign

    The Portia Campaign evolved from a registered charity called The Portia Trust. This was set up by Ken Norman a former journalist with the Daily Mail, The Times, Guardian, UPI, Reuters, BBC General Overseas Service, and editor of three overseas daily newspapers. This followed a baby-snatch...
  • The Thalidomide Society

    The works provide information, advice and assistance to people with thalidomide and similar impairments.
  • Tiny Tickers

    Helping tiny hearts by improving the detection & treatment of babies with heart disease before birth (congenital heart disease).
  • UK Vasa Praevia Awareness Website

    The objectives of the UK Vasa Praevia Awareness Website are as follows: To raise awareness about vasa praevia - the condition, risk factors, warning signs, diagnosis and treatment. To bring about the introduction of clinical protocols in the UK for the diagnosis and treatment of vasa praevia....
  • Understanding Differences

    Raising Awareness to Support Children who have Expreienced Difficult Times. -Linking with families and other organisations to provide a network of information, support and personal knowledge about a range of physical & emotional experiences -Raise awareness/increase understanding within the...
  • Vascular Birthmarks Foundation

    The Vascular Birthmarks Foundation website gives information regarding different types of birthmarks. They also run a discussion forum.