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Hereditary Multiple Exostoses Support Group

Organisation name
Hereditary Multiple Exostoses Support Group
HME, hereditary multiple exostoses (also referred to as diaphyseal aclasis and familial bony spurs) is usually, but not necessarily, an inherited condition which can produce bony lumps close to the end of any bone. The HME Support Group has the following aims:

To offer support to families affected by HME.
To link families in similar situations and locations.
To provide up to date information on the condition.
The Group offers the following services to all areas of the UK.

A sympathetic contact point for those newly diagnosed.
Linking with others similarly affected.
Information on the condition and up to date research findings.
Annual meeting.
Individuals are welcome to join the group to share experiences and information, write for the newsletter or organise fund-raising activities. For further details, write to the above address, contact the number above, or visit the web-site.
Street address
PO Box 207
Chester le Street
County Durham
Web Addresswww.hmesg.co.uk
Main Phone No
01438 861 866
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Based in Durham but support via the website for all areas