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Elizabeth Finn Care

Organisation name
Elizabeth Finn Care
Elizabeth Finn Care is a charity that provides practical and financial support to people from a wide range of backgrounds - people who have slipped into poverty due to, or made worse by, physical or mental illness, family breakdown, bereavement or redundancy and older people on inadequate pensions. Established over a century ago by social entrepreneur Elizabeth Finn, the charity provides grants and support to over 2,500 people who are struggling to make ends meet and who often feel isolated and neglected - help that they know transforms, and even saves, lives.

They work to provide practical and effective solutions after listening carefully to each individual's particular circumstances. This can include providing a weekly allowance to alleviate the worry of not being able to pay the bills or awarding one-off grants to replace essential household equipment or for building repairs. In some situations, if for some reason they are unable to offer financial help, they work to find an alternative source. Elizabeth Finn Care aims to reach as many people in need as it can and encourages them to come forward for help.

They also provide care and individual attention through contact with our well-trained, understanding and experienced caseworkers and volunteer visitors. This enables their beneficiaries - who may also lack supportive family or social networks - to feel valued and cared for once again.

A wholly owned subsidiary of Elizabeth Finn Care, Elizabeth Finn Homes Ltd, operates a group of 10 award winning care homes in England and 10 almshouse cottages near Birmingham. Residents receive the type and level of care they and their families choose according to a detailed care plan drawn in consultation with qualified staff. Each Home is elegantly appointed with landscaped gardens, courtyards and in some cases, beautiful grounds and surrounding countryside. A committee of local volunteers helps to provide a full schedule of activities that residents may join as they wish. Visitors and guests are always welcome, forming a part of the friendly, relaxed family atmosphere in our Homes.

Elizabeth Finn Care works with the Dementia Care Trust in Bristol to provide support to carers of dementia sufferers and also has a partnership with Help The Aged to provide information to older people living at home.
Street address
1 Derry Street
Greater London
W8 5HY
Main Phone No
020 7396 6700
020 7396 6739
Helpline Number
Freephone: 0800 413 220
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