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Central Homecare

Organisation name
Central Homecare
Central Homecare has been a provider of high-tech home care services in the UK for over 10 years. By high-tech home care, they don't mean the types of home care services you may already be familiar with, for example domiciliary care. Rather, Central Homecare supplies a comprehensive range of often quite complex drug therapies to patients with a variety of conditions at home e.g. rheumatoid arthritis - in effect, a 'hospital-at-home' service.

The company's objective is to make the administration of drugs at home as simple and stress free as possible. The therapies they manage at home typically include those for cystic fibrosis, nutrition, cancer, rheumatology, pain and endocrine disorders. Allowing Central Homecare to manage your home therapy requirements can have a dramatic effect on quality of life, often improving drug compliance, reducing drug wastage and improving therapeutic outcomes. For hospitals, judicious choice of specialized intermediate care services such as these can release valuable NHS resources, reducing both bed blocking and waiting lists. In addition to home therapy management, Central Homecare is a supplier of an extensive range of ambulatory drug infusion systems, a wide range of consumable equipment tailored to meet individual patient requirements, specialist wholesaling services and comprehensive aseptic drug compounding services.

Central Homecare now offers an online pharmacy service, allowing patients the opportunity to have their prescription drugs delivered directly to their homes.
Street address
Unit 6
Grove Park
Mill Lane

GU34 2QJ
Main Phone No
01420 543400
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