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Community Hygiene Concern

Organisation name
Community Hygiene Concern
Community Hygiene Concern (CHC) is a charity set up in 1988 which aims to protect people and pets from parasites, drawing together the expertise of all relevant parties which will help achieve this aim. They work particularly on pediculosis (especially head louse infestation), scabies, pesticides for topical use, enterobiasis (threadworm infection), toxocariasis and toxoplasmosis. The life cycle of both 'toxos' involves domestic pets, dogs and cats in the case of toxocariasis and cats for toxoplasmosis.

Their current work centres on:

Head lice which produce symptoms of minor medical consequence, but cause enormous social distress.
Toxocara (dog and cat roundworm) which can give rise to serious human illness including blindness.
Community Hygiene Concern promotes and organises National Bug Busting Days. Bug Busting is an educational programme in reliable head louse detection. It delivers the 'whole school approach' - see www.nits.net/bugbusting
Street address
22 Darin Court

Milton Keynes
Web Addresswww.nits.net
Main Phone No
01908 261501
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