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Self Help Groups

  • Dr Foster Health

    Dr Foster Health is the UK's leading provider of free comparative information on health and social care services. By comparing the performance of NHS trusts and evaluating the levels of NHS quality throughout the UK, our easy-to-use Hospital Guide tools let you search for local healthcare...
  • Arts for Health

    Arts for Health aims to work with and unite artists, designers and health professionals in improving the quality of life for those involved in providing and receiving health and community care. The organisation operates in the UK and internationally
  • Attend

    Attend (formerly the National Association of Hospital and Community Friends) works in partnership with health and social care charities, and other statutory and voluntary bodies to ensure that more people can participate in improving the experience of caring services for patients and their...
  • Carer's Friends

    As a carer before my husband died, I felt alone and isolated. Not knowing who to turn to. Although there are groups and societies for carer's, you may not know about them or sometimes because of your caring role are unable to attend. I thought there must be many people like this who perhaps want to...
  • Central Council for Jewish Community Services

    Umbrella organisation of welfare services.
  • Central Homecare

    Central Homecare has been a provider of high-tech home care services in the UK for over 10 years. By high-tech home care, they don't mean the types of home care services you may already be familiar with, for example domiciliary care. Rather, Central Homecare supplies a comprehensive range of often...
  • Community Health Foundation

  • Community Hygiene Concern

    Community Hygiene Concern (CHC) is a charity set up in 1988 which aims to protect people and pets from parasites, drawing together the expertise of all relevant parties which will help achieve this aim. They work particularly on pediculosis (especially head louse infestation), scabies, pesticides...
  • Country Cousins

    Country Cousins introduce carers throughout the UK to clients requiring support to remain living in their own home. Care is provided by a temporary live-in 'cousin' carer for periods of convalescence or respite, holidays or longer term care. Clients needs differ greatly but generally fit into...
  • Elizabeth Finn Care

    Elizabeth Finn Care is a charity that provides practical and financial support to people from a wide range of backgrounds - people who have slipped into poverty due to, or made worse by, physical or mental illness, family breakdown, bereavement or redundancy and older people on inadequate pensions....