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British Autogenic Society

Organisation name
British Autogenic Society
Autogenic therapy is a self-help method which brings relief from the negative effects of stress. 'Autogenic' means 'generated from within'. The technique can be used to provide a non-drug approach for many problems or used to support or enhance progress in other therapies. Autogenic therapy consists of a series of simple mental exercises designed to allow the mind to calm itself by switching off the body's stress responses. Following an initial personal assessment, autogenic therapy is taught individually or in small groups. Once learned, autogenic therapy is a skill for life.

The British Autogenic Society is the professional and regulatory body for autogenic practitioners in the UK. It sets the educational and qualification standards, is an information source for practitioners and the public and liaises with its counterparts around the world.

A list of registered therapists may be obtained by sending a SAE to the above address.
Street address
Royal London Homeopathic Hospital
Great Ormond Street
Greater London
Main Phone No
020 7391 8908
020 7391 8908
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