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Self Help UK

Self Help Groups

  • A Place for The Heart

    A site dedicated as a resource for self healing. Includes free online mediations, self help techniques and problem page. Also available CDs books etc.
  • Androv Medical

    Androv Medical are specialists in lightboxes and full spectrum lamps and daylight bulbs. These are used as a treatment by people with seasonal affective disorder, and people with various other medical conditions. Their full spectrum lighting products are all energy saving, and offer optimum...
  • Aromatherapy Organisations Council

    UK leading body. Members 12 professional associations representing 115 schools and >6000 aromatherapists. Send SAE for information on training and therapists.
  • Association of Reflexologists

    The Association of Reflexologists (AoR) provides a listing of qualified and insured reflexologists across the UK. The AoR is a member of the Reflexology Forum, helping to develop regulations in the UK.
  • Bowenworks

    The Bowen Technique originated in Australia and was founded by the late Tom Bowen. It is a gentle soft tissue therapy involving small rolling movements across muscle and tendon fibres which triggers an integrated healing response, and works on the body's own innate healing response. It is...
  • British Acupuncture Association

  • British Acupuncture Council

    Free practitioner lists by phone, e mail or on the web site www.acupuncture.org.uk
  • British Association of Skin Camouflage

    The British Association of Skin Camouflage (BASC) was formed in 1986 by Joyce Allsworth as a result of the realisation to promote, support or further the remedial techniques of camouflage for the relief of those who need to be restored to confidence in a normal appearance and thereby to help...
  • British Association/College of Occupational Therapists

    The British Association/College of Occupational Therapists website has 2 broad aims: To provide information and guidance for our members to help them stay at the leading edge of modern practice and deliver high quality occupational therapy services. To provide information about the profession,...
  • British Autogenic Society

    Autogenic therapy is a self-help method which brings relief from the negative effects of stress. 'Autogenic' means 'generated from within'. The technique can be used to provide a non-drug approach for many problems or used to support or enhance progress in other therapies. Autogenic therapy...