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Aleph One Limited

Organisation name
Aleph One Limited
Aleph One Limited is a major and long-standing source of several kinds of aids for dealing with stress and its consequences including:

Audio recording 'Relax and Enjoy It' giving instructions in relaxation by Dr Robert Sharpe, a behavioural psychologist. The technique involves tensing and relaxing muscles in each part of the body in turn and learning to feel the difference (CD only).
Other audio cassettes by Dr Sharpe cover broader methods of stress management and particular problems such as smoking, being overweight, fear of flying, and sleep difficulties.
Paperback books on stress and relaxation.
Biofeedback instruments which can help users learn to relax.
Blood pressure and pulse rate measuring instruments.
Books and cassettes are at a small charge. Instruments range from £50 to £300. Contact the address above for full details including prices of publications and equipment.
Street address
The Old Courthouse
CB25 9BA
Web Addresswww.aleph1.co.uk
Main Phone No
01223 811679
+44 (0)1223 812713
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