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Self Help UK

Self Help Groups

  • Gift - The Children's Transplant Charity

    Gift - The Children's Transplant Charity - is a registered national charity that offers support to children and families who are affected by transplantation. They aim to provide both emotional and practical support throughout the journey of transplantation. Every year there is an increasing number...

    The Gender Identity Research and Education Society (GIRES) was established in 1997 to inform a wide public of the issues surrounding gender identity and transsexualism. Its aim is to improve the circumstances in which transgender people live by informing and educating all those who can support...
  • Grace Consulting

    When people find themselves in a situation in which decisions have to be made about long-term care, they need practical, experienced and independent advice. For 30 years Grace Consulting have been advising elderly people and their families on long-term care options. To help people find the right...
  • Great Big Hugs

    Professional and confidential online counselling
  • Group Analytic and Psychotherapy Services: North East England

    Group and individual psychotherapy services in the North East of England
  • Gulf Veterans Association

    Gulf War syndrome is the title given by the media to Gulf War related illnesses: there are several possible causes and a range of symptoms. The Gulf Veterans Association was formed at the end of November 1994 by veterans of the Gulf War, to support and act for all veterans and their families of...

    We are a newly established self help group and we do our best to support and help each other.
  • Health and Safety Executive

    Our mission is to protect people's health and safety by ensuring risks in the changing workplace are properly controlled. We look after health and safety in nuclear installations and mines, factories, farms, hospitals and schools, offshore gas and oil installations, the safety of the gas grid...
  • Hearing Voices Network

    Hearing Voices Network has the following aims. To support a national network of people who hear voices to better understand the experience, alongside workers, families and friends. To set up self-help groups of voice hearers to share experiences and discuss strategies for coping with voices....
  • Heartbeat Northern Ireland

    Heartbeat is a parent support group for families of children who have heart disease. In excess of 300 babies are born here each year in Norther Ireland with a heart disorder. One third of these children are sufficiently ill to require investigation and/or surgery. Heartbeat is made up of...