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Self Help UK

Self Help Groups

  • Anxiety UK

    Anxiety UK (formerly the National Phobics Society) was set up to help anyone affected by anxiety disorders. The Society provides the following services: Information about phobias and all anxiety disorders including panic and obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD). A listening service....
  • Aphasia Now

    This is a website aiming to help people with aphasia to become independent, communicate with other aphasic people, and overcome aphasia together. Visit the website for further details.
  • Archway Foundation

    The Archway Foundation was set up in Oxford to help individuals hurt by loneliness. There is national interest in the Foundation's work both from those in need and from those concerned to see a service develop in their area. The Foundation has services in Oxford and Rotherham. The aims of the...
  • Asian Family Counselling Services

    The Asian Family Counselling Service is a well established national charity with offices in West London. Clients have a wide range of difficulties, including family and marital conflicts. Sometimes they find it hard to adapt to the western culture. Counsellors are professionally trained and receive...
  • ASSIST Trauma Care

    ASSIST is a not-for-profit organisation which offers specialist therapy, support and understanding to individuals and families affected by post traumatic stress or post traumatic stress disorder. If you have experienced a severe trauma and are struggling to cope with the effect this has had on...
  • Associates at Mind Over Matter

    At Mind Over Matter we help people to be all they can be using a variety of therapies including clinical hypnotherapry, thought field therapy (TFT) and neurolinguistic programming (NLP). With a proven track record of success - let us help you take control of your life!
  • Association of Camphill Communities

    The Association of Camphill Communities is the organisation responsible for managing the Camphill Communities. The Association also includes the Camphill Village Trust which runs intentional communities including people with learning disabilities. There are Camphill Village Trust Communities and...
  • Association of Professional Music Therapists

    The Association of Professional Music Therapists is a professional organization involved in supporting and developing the profession. The Association maintains a register of music therapists who hold a recognized qualification. Visit the website for further details or contact the above address....

    AT EASE is a free, confidential, advice, information and counselling service for members of the Armed Forces and their families. It has no connection with, and is not funded by, the MOD.
  • Auspicium

    Auspicium offer a range of NLP personal and corporate development services which will help move you to action and help you achieve your own excellence. We believe results are what really matter, and it is your results we focus on. Imagine taking your personal skills and or business skills to...