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Self Help UK

Self Help Groups

  • Desertion Survivors

    An online self-help community offering emotional support and practical information-sharing among those who have been deserted by a partner, including those faced with managing the effects on their children. We provide an open discussion forum, a Mentor Team to help identify personal goals and find...
  • Diamond Blackfan Anaemia Support Group

    Diamond Blackfan Anaemia Support Group is the UK based parent support group for the condition Diamond Blackfan Anaemia (DBA), and a registered charity. The support group is made up of parents, family and friends of patients with DBA, along with the patients themselves. The charity aims to...
  • Disaster Action

    Disaster Action is a charity set up in 1991 by survivors and bereaved people from major disasters. It is an independent advocacy service that represents the interests of those directly affected by disaster. Disaster Action aims to help create a safety climate in which disasters are less likely...
  • Divorce Aid

    Free interactive website to help families facing divorce/separation. Legal, child and health advice from volunteer professionals.
  • Doctors' Support Network

    The Doctors' Support Network (DSN) is a fully confidential, friendly self-help group for doctors and medical students with mental health concerns.
  • Ectodermal Dysplasia Society

    The Society is a self help organisation established in 1984. The Society has over 300 members and: Provides information, advice, support to those affected by ectodermal dysplasia. Promotes the education of the medical profession and general public. Supports research. Liaises with the a...
  • Ekbom Support Group

    Ekbom syndrome is more commonly know as restless legs syndrome. It is believed to afflict 5% of the population. The crawling or bubbling sensation (which can include ache, cramp, jerking, numbness, weakness of the legs, tickling and running pains) can also sometimes be felt in the feet, thighs,...
  • Electrical Safety Council

    The Electrical Safety Council is an independent charity committed to reducing deaths and injuries through electrical accidents at home and at work. They are supported by all sectors of the electrical industry as well as local and central government and work to promote safety and good...
  • Elisabeth Svendsen Trust for Children & Donkeys

    The aims of the Elisabeth Svendsen Trust for Children & Donkeys are to bring enjoyment and pleasure into the lives of children with special needs and disabilities and to give them the satisfaction that comes with the achievement of learning riding skills. There are centres in Sidmouth, Leeds,...
  • Emotional Health

    Emotional Health is a non-profit organisation which aims to provide professional and accessible services to enable individuals to address emotions which uncontrolled have a negative impact on their lives.