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Self Help UK

Self Help Groups

  • National Association of Deafened People

    The vast majority of deaf people acquire their hearing loss later in life, the NADP exists to provide advice and support to people going through this - often traumatic - process. It also campaigns for improved service for dead people such as TV subtilting and increased availability of...
  • National Cochlear Implant Users Association

    The Association was founded in the mid 1990s to provide a clear voice for the growing number of people in the UK with (or requiring) cochlear implants. The Association is involved in the following activities. Campaigning for funding for implants for all who need them. Campaigning for adequate...
  • National Deaf Children's Society

    Advice and information on all aspects of childhood deafness. Email: ndcs@ndcs.org.uk
  • RNID (Royal National Institute for Deaf People)

    Full range of services for deaf and hard of hearing people including a directory of services, and information.
  • Royal Association for Deaf People (RAD)

    RAD primarily supports profoundly Deaf people whose first or preferred language is sign language. Their work covers the following: Deaf Community Development Families, Children and Youth Social Care (Support for Deaf people with learning disabilities and / or mental health challenges) Advice,...
  • Scottish Association for the Deaf

    Co-ordinates work of all statutory and voluntary agencies in Scotland working for hearing-impaired people, and maintains register.
  • The Elizabeth Foundation for Deaf Children

    Support, advice and encouragement to parents of young deaf children and babies. A nationally-available Home Learning Programme. Weekday Group and Individual language and education sessions for deaf children up to the age of 5, at an Elizabeth Foundation Family Centre. See our website...
  • Tinnitus - RNID

    Advice about tinnitus due to inner-ear damage, often from noise or ageing. Information about masking devices, and ways of overcoming tinnitus, such as relaxation therapy.
  • UK Deaf Sport

    UK Deaf Sport aims to enable deaf people to benefit from, excel at, and fulfil their potential through sport of their own choosing. UK Deaf Sport influences positive changes and opportunities in sports culture, policy and procedure by brokering partnerships with key decision makers and sports...
  • Wales Council for the Deaf

    Offers advice on all aspects of hearing difficulties.