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Self Help UK

Self Help Groups

  • British Association of Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeons

    This is a professional organisation for surgeons. However, their website provides lots of information designed for the general public in the 'patients' section. It gives details of various treatments and operations performed by oral and maxillofacial (mouth, face and jaw) surgeons. For example it...
  • British Dental Association

    The British Dental Association (BDA) is a professional association for dentists. However, a section on their website called 'bdasmile' - www.bdasmile.org - includes lots of information aimed at the general public about dentistry, various dental and oral problems, and dental procedures.
  • British Dental Health Foundation

  • British Fluoridation Society

    Promotes water fluoridation to improve dental health and reduce dental health inequalities. Provides information and support to individuals and organisations on water fluoridation and dental health.
  • British Orthodontic Society

    The British Orthodontic Society (BOS) is a professional association However, for the general public, their website (above) answers the most frequently asked questions about orthodontics and provides some background information about what to expect when you visit an orthodontist. It also explains...
  • British Society for Disability & Oral Health

    The aim of the British Society for Disability & Oral Health is to bring together all those interested in the oral care of people with disabilities. It also works with other organisations to raise awareness of the barriers to oral health which may be experienced by different groups. Their...
  • Dental Complaints Service

    The Dental Complaints Service offer a UK wide complaints resolution service for private dental patients. Their aim is to resolve complaints fairly, efficiently, transparently and quickly by working with the patient and dental professional involved. They are a department of the General Dental...
  • Dental Fear Central

    Dental Fear Central is a self-help organisation for anyone suffering with dental phobia or specific dental fears. Online since 2004, it features an online support group for peer support, but also advice from dentists who enjoy helping nervous patients. The support group also allows people to...
  • Dental Services Division of the NHS Business Services Authority

    The main duties of the Dental Services Division of the NHSBSA (formally the Dental Practice Board) are to: Support the Secretary of State in the form of the Department of Health and the Welsh Assembly Government, in determination of dental policy and strategy. Produce statistics and key...
  • Dentistry On-line

    The Dentistry On-line website is run by Priory Lodge Education Ltd. It includes information for professionals, a bookshop and links to other sources of information. There is a section dedicated to patient information which includes topics such as: Information about children's teeth Surgery -...