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Alexandra House

Organisation name
Alexandra House
Alexandra House will provide 49 rooms for secondary care treatment of people who have had problems with drugs and alcohol. It will also provide the opportunity to achieve educational and artisan qualifications and gain self esteem.

Support and counseling will be available 24 hours 7 days a week. This will put graduates on the road to employment with the tools to survive life without the need for drugs and alcohol.
We will be offering a secure base with counseling, learning living skills and dealing with the day to day problems of life. Each of our clients will be undertaking courses at The Farnborough College of Technology and the Aldershot Building Centre. Finding fulfilling ways to earn a living, building self esteem and showing how to avoid relapse. When our clients leave they will be able to make full use of their talents.
Main Phone No
01483 267734
01483 267310
Main Contact: Name
Noola Thorp
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