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Alexander Clinic

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Alexander Clinic
The Alexander Clinic provides a specialised treatment programme designed to meet the needs of those who suffer from alcohol, drug and gambling dependence. Alcoholism and addictive behaviours often have a devastating emotional impact upon families. As part of the treatment, counselling and support groups are available for family members both during and after treatment. The treatment is delivered by a qualified team of therapists under the supervision of the clinical director and the nursing staff.

The programme is designed to help patients live a contented and useful life without the use of any mood altering chemicals. The programme approach is holistic, addressing the physical, mental, psychological, social, moral and relationship implications of addiction. The treatment has a structure of changes which progressively develop the total programme philosophy over a six week period.

In April 2007 The Alexander Clinic was awarded status of a private independent hospital and the opening of 10 secondary care beds was achieved. This has allowed them to build on the progress made in primary care and focus more on family and relapse prevention work.
Street address
King St
AB51 0EQ
Main Phone No
01651 872100
01651 873979
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normal office hours
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