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Four Seasons Health Care

Organisation name
Four Seasons Health Care
The Tunstall Unit is a specialist alcohol and drug detox and rehabilitation facility. Clients can access the 14 bedded detox Unit, or 20 bedded rehab facility separately, or through a combined programme of both detox and rehab.
All clients are accommodated in individual ensuite rooms, and have access to a range of facilities for both therapeutic and leisure activities. A team of multidisciplinary professionals at the Unit work closely with referring agencies and other community based services to ensure that client needs are most appropriately met. The Unit is able to provide services to clients with a range of special needs, including physical disability.
The Unit is registered with the Commission for Social Care and Inspection (CSCI) to provide both Nursing and Personal Care. The Commission is responsible for inspecting the Unit to ensure all relevant standards are met. Copies of NCSC inspection reports are available for referring agencies and clients upon request. The Unit works closely with the NTA and meets all existing targets for access, and provides services that are consistent with current advice on best practice.
The Unit operates an open referral system. Clients can be referred via specialist addictions services, GP's or other health or social care professionals. Clients contacting the Unit directly are asked to seek referral through their local community addiction service.
All clients must have funding allocated to support the duration of their stay prior to admission.
Street address
The Tunstall Unit
Leechmere Road
Tyne & Wear
Main Phone No
0191 5235516
0191 5235513
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