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Aid for the Aged in Distress

Organisation name
Aid for the Aged in Distress
Aid for the Aged in Distress is a specialist national 'no frills' charity. It gives direct financial relief to frail, older people throughout the UK. The charity is concerned first and foremost with helping older people to cope in their own homes, by making cash grants towards the cost of necessary equipment or other exceptional expenditure.

In particular, it assists those who do not qualify for local funding or government grants and fall through the 'safety net'. Applications can be made by social workers, caring agencies, other charities as well as families and individuals. Grants provide such things as warm clothing, bedding, furniture, respite breaks for carers and essential goods. Contributions are also made towards larger items eg, a stair-lift, walk in shower or electric powered vehicles.
Street address
18 Hand Court
High Holborn

Greater London
Main Phone No
0870 803 1950
0870 803 2128
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