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British Gas - Services for Special Needs Customers

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British Gas - Services for Special Needs Customers
British Gas has a team of Home Energy Advisers who are trained to respond to the needs of older, disabled or chronically sick customers. Free advice is available on the following topics:

Services for special needs customers. This includes the provision of adapters to help those customers who find difficulty in turning appliances on and off.
British Gas products and services.
The following British Gas Special Services are provided free of charge for disabled, chronically sick or older customers:

Home visits - Home Energy Advisers may be able to adapt appliance controls to make turning controls on and off easier. For blind or partially sighted customers, tactile markings can be provided.
Password scheme - agreed with the customer to protect from unwanted visitors.
Text phone - to communicate in place of speech.
Nominee scheme - bills can be forwarded to a neighbour, friend or relative who agrees to receive them on the customer's behalf. Bills can also be arranged to be paid by a close friend or relative.
For visually impaired customers the following billing options are available: talking bills (the customer is telephoned so that the bill can be discussed before it is sent out); Braille, audio and large print bills.
The following leaflets provide fuller details of British Gas services. Alliteratively, contact the number above.

Our Commitment to Customers - Details on the standards of service.
Our Commitment to Older or Disabled Customers - services for special needs customers.
Street address
Home Energy Care
NEA 10459
Helpline Number
0845 955 5404
Helpline: Hours of operation
8.00am - 8.00pm, Monday - Friday; 8.00am - 6.00pm, Saturday.
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