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Self Help UK

Self Help Groups

  • Heartbeat Northern Ireland

    Heartbeat is a parent support group for families of children who have heart disease. In excess of 300 babies are born here each year in Norther Ireland with a heart disorder. One third of these children are sufficiently ill to require investigation and/or surgery. Heartbeat is made up of...
  • Heartline Association

    HeartLine is a UK registered charity which provides support and help for children with congenital heart conditions and their families.
  • Hearts of Salford

    An online heart support group for people and the families of people living with heart disease and related health conditions. Originally a research study by Salford University it is now run by its members for its members and is free to use. Offers a range of discussion forums and up to date...
  • HeartWeb UK

    HeartWeb, the FREE UK discussion, chat and support forum for people affected by heart disease, heart attack, or heart conditions - uniting patients, carers, medical professionals and the concerned. If your life has been affected by a heart condition, in any way, visit the heart forum and meet...
  • ICD PATIENT and Family Heart Support Group of NORTH STAFFORDSHIRE

    Support Group for Patients with IMPLANTABLE CARDIOVERTER DEFIBRILLATORS fitted
  • Kawasaki Support Group

  • King of Hearts

    Barking, Dagenham and Redbridge, Patient Cardiac Support Group
  • Little Hearts Matter

    Little Hearts Matter is the national voice for families where a single ventricle heart condition has been diagnosed such as hypoplastic left heart syndrome, tricuspid atresia, double inlet ventricle or pulmonary atresia . They work with medical and social care teams to offer a multi-disciplinary...
  • Long QT Family Support Group

    Support, advice and contact.
  • roadtohealth

    Find out your risk of developing heart disease, diabetes and stroke over the next 10 years by signing up to roadtohealth - the UK's leading on-line health and wellbeing service provider. Once you've had your health check, (you can, of course, opt for a face to face health check if preferred at...