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Meningitis UK

Organisation name
Meningitis UK
Meningitis UK is a Bristol-based charity with a national remit. Their mission is to fund research to find a vaccine to eradicate meningitis. They feel that focusing on prevention, as opposed to treatment and cure, is the only way to successfully eradicate the disease and prevent its devastating consequences. Meningitis affects thousands of people in the UK every year, so developing a vaccine will make a huge difference to countless lives.

In the absence of a vaccine to protect against all forms of the disease, they also distribute a wide range of material to the general public and key target groups to raise awareness of the common symptoms and the need to act quickly, in the hope that more lives can be saved. They also ensure that all of their research teams disseminate the findings and all useful knowledge acquired as a result of their research, to the public and everyone working in the field of meningitis prevention.
Street address
25 Cleeve Wood Road
BS16 3SF
Main Phone No
0117 373 7373
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