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Association of Camphill Communities

Organisation name
Association of Camphill Communities
The Association of Camphill Communities is the organisation responsible for managing the Camphill Communities. The Association also includes the Camphill Village Trust which runs intentional communities including people with learning disabilities. There are Camphill Village Trust Communities and related initiatives in many regions of Britain and Ireland. Features of the communities include the following.

Ensuring all members of a community have the freedom and opportunity to realise their potential.
Development of individual knowledge through education and training of children and young people.
Farming and gardening courses and training in crafts.
Rich and varied cultural life.
People of all ages live together with experienced co-workers.
Based on Christian principles and celebration of Christian festivals.
Types of community include: Botton Village - based on mutual co-operation of handicapped adults and others; The Croft - provision of supportive integration into society for adults with learning disabilities; Larchfield Community - land-based community providing employment for people with special needs on farm, gardens and in workshops.

There are also schools for children and colleges of education.
The Counselling Service offers advice and guidance to mentally ill and handicapped people and their families irrespective of their relationship with Camphill.
The Camphill Foundation promotes and finances new and existing projects within the Association of Camphill Communities
Street address
Gawain House
56 Welham Road

N Yorks
YO17 9DP
Main Phone No
07765 482 114
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